Plagiarised Translations (Warning)

Plagiarism is terrible. Don’t support people who do things like this.


As a fellow translator and as a real-life friend of the translator of one of the Saekano translations, there’s something I’d like to bring to your attention.

Ahem, um, so earlier today I was shamelessly trying to publicise my friend’s translations, since we were having a talk about how our translation was doing, and I noticed that a lot of people didn’t know about his blog.

So, you know, being a wonderful sheeprabbit, I decided to arbitrarily advertise to my meagre followers on my blog!

Uhm, but while looking around, I found that a certain translation group had stolen his work, word for word.

At least that’s how it looks.

#1 From the moment things are copied and pasted, their spacing fucks up.

Before copying:

After copying:

#2 A good chunk of their text is taken almost word for word.

WordPress automatically fixes spacing issues for me, so I’ve used…

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Plagiarised Translations (Warning)

Plagiarism is terrible. Don’t support people who do things like this.


As a fellow translator and as a real-life friend of the translator of one of the Saekano translations, there’s something I’d like to bring to your attention.

Ahem, um, so earlier today I was shamelessly trying to publicise my friend’s translations, since we were having a talk about how our translation was doing, and I noticed that a lot of people didn’t know about his blog.

So, you know, being a wonderful sheeprabbit, I decided to arbitrarily advertise to my meagre followers on my blog!

Uhm, but while looking around, I found that a certain translation group had stolen his work, word for word.

At least that’s how it looks.

#1 From the moment things are copied and pasted, their spacing fucks up.

Before copying:

After copying:

#2 A good chunk of their text is taken almost word for word.

WordPress automatically fixes spacing issues for me, so I’ve used…

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AAA 1 Love Power and Chaos;Head

This is an Anime and Anisong post. To find out what that’s all about look here:

PART 1 Anisong

The Song: Love Power

The Artist: Miyazaki Ui

Length: 3:39

Verdict: It’s a bit TOO happy and high pitched for even my tastes. Still it has it’s positives. Overall an OK song that appeals to a certain audience. The happy go lucky lyrics do hide a great message though.

Ramblings: Ok so here’s the first random song I came across when I pressed shuffle/next. This song doesn’t sound the greatest imo, but it does have an interesting message that’s relevant to the original medium. It’s a “character image song”. Character image songs are sung by the voice actor of anime characters. Ideally they are all about that character and convey some message about them. What’s interesting about this particular song is that it shows the character’s true hidden feelings. Well to understand that first I’ll need to give some back story about the character.

The character in question is named Nishijou Nanami. She’s an average energetic fun loving high school girl.

However she has this problematic brother named Nishijou Takumi. Takumi is a total hikkikomori (A recluse who says holed up in his room all day, ignoring the outside world). He’s in a pretty bad state. Basically he hates the outside world and other people so much he moved out of the house into this 1 room container. Yes, literally a cargo container converted into a room. He skips school, neglects his health, and just plays games ALL day. He’s the polar opposite of his younger sister, Nanami.

Taku is so lazy and obsessed with his games that he doesn’t even bother to get his own dinner. Everyday in the evening Nanami has to come banging on his door, screaming at him to open up. Her opening line is something like “Brother, are you still alive in there?” Every morning she wakes him up and tries to get him to come to school too. She wants him to get out into the world more.

Predictably Takumi treats these visits with annoyance at best, and out right hostility at worst. In the mornings it’s “How dare this annoying girl try and mess up my life?”. In the evening it’s “Alright thanks for the food, now leave.” If she tries to reach out to him they sometimes get into fights.

Why does Nanami put up with this annoying ungrateful brother? He clearly wants nothing to do with her. The answer is revealed in the first line of the song “Love power is my secret”. Despite everything and anything, Nanami really loves her brother. In the past they were close, and she remembers that time fondly. She makes the trip out to his remote container home everyday because she wants what’s best for him. Her “Brother, are you still alive in there?” is said in a sarcastic joking tone. In reality she knows how negligent Takumi is, and somewhere in her mind she’s worried he might actually be dead if she doesn’t check on him everyday.

There’s also a bit of irony in the happy tone of the song. The VN and Anime itself has a rather dark and disturbing tone, so the contrasting nature of the high pitched singing further plays into the whole “hidden feelings” aspect.

And that’s why this song is on my playlist despite not being the best listen! The message and story behind it moved me.

Here’s a Youtube link to the song:

PART 2 Anime

The Anime: Chaos;Head

The Studio: Madhouse

Length: 12 episodes

Verdict: It leaves MUCH to be desired. Bad animation and bad pacing are only the tip of the ice burg. This anime adaptation does NOT do it’s source material justice. I do not recommend it.

Ramblings: Ahh Chaos;Head. This is one of many anime that demonstrate the idea that a good source material does NOT equal a good adaptation. Above I typed out a bit of the story and character dynamics between the Nishijou siblings. Well all of that was gleamed from my experience with the Visual Novel, not the anime.

I read the VN first, so when an anime was announced I was pretty excited. All ready to love the anime, I dove into the first episode. The animation was Meh, but the basic plot was the same so I stuck with it. Not a great idea. It quickly became apparent to me that the anime captures none of what makes the VN so good. I ended up dropping it halfway. I did watch the ending just to see how poorly it was done though. My expectations were met.

I’ll just put in the primary reason why the anime failed. It was their portrayal of the main character. Takumi is a pretty trashy  guy. This is especially so when looking at him from a 3rd person point of view. However the novel is in first person. This gives you insight into all of his motivations, thoughts, true feelings, etc. That insight is crucial for building a kind of rapport with Takumi. In the Chaos;Head novel I thought I really “got” Takumi. I sympathized with his plight and problems. I was able to see that his unsavory actions were justified (In his own mind at least). I was rooting for him in the end.

None of that comes through in the anime. Not well at least.

Anyway despite the anime being bad, the Visual Novel is a great read. I’ll probably post a review of it some other time if there’s enough interest. I usually treat the Chaos;Head franchise like this: there is no Chaos;Head anime. Go read the VN!

Status Report 1

Status: Feeling nauseous x.x

Welp here’s a Facebook like update. I think I ate something weird yesterday. There was that cheap Sushi…. maybe things have to be cooked after all.

And onto something writing relevant: To be honest for the past few days I’ve been feeling a bit off. Super extremely hyper. My heart rate was accelerated for the whole day and I’ve had some restless nights. It was in this state of “mania” that the content in this site was conceived haha. It took a convo with a good friend of mine to realize my condition and how it effected my writing.

Now that I’ve gotten a good night’s rest and calmed down a bit, I decided to step back and review the stuff I’ve written before posting it in a haste. I have like 5000 words of content that made PERFECT sense while I was in hyper mode, but now seems a bit too…. well hyper.

Also while digging through my documents I’ve found the prologue for an old story I wrote a few months back. I shelved it because I thought it wasn’t good enough, but I thought I might throw it out here and see what you guys think.

Here’s the concept: It starts at the end of a war between humanity and allied races, versus demons. The main character is a powerful mage that’s in the heroes’ party. It was the magical weapons and enhancements he developed that turned the tide of the war. On the brink of victory he and others realize something is wrong. The demons were not as they seemed. Devastated and disillusioned the Mage/Arcanist disappears from the world and becomes a recluse.

Note that it’s a rough draft and probably contains numerous errors. All of the concepts are not fleshed out correctly. It IS something I shelved after all. Still I would very much like constructive criticism on how to improve my writing.

The story itself was inspired in part by the Manga/LN Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. What if instead of hearing the Demon Lord out, the hero (Or heroes) in this case outright killed her (him in my story)? Something along the lines of that.

Creative Writing

The Concept: A place for random stuff I write. It can be anything I feel like dumping here haha. Stuff like stories or practice pieces.

Placeholder while I figure out this WordPress stuff:

That story I mentioned in my Status Report 1:

Prologue – 400 years ago

Marcus Regalus surveyed the ruined scene in front of him. His companions and elite forces succeed in storming Danexi Castle. They were inside the capital and last stronghold of the Daemon Army. Humans, Elves, Beastmen and Dwarves, all came together under Marcus’s banner. The High Races were united by a common enemy. They had fought against the strongest King the Daemons have ever rallied under. Marcus’s allied forces gathered their most talented soldiers, their most solid weapons, their most exotic Arcane Devices, and every bit of knowledge they could muster. To oppose them, enemies of all shapes and sizes, strong and weak, magical and mundane had tried to bar their path.

Now all lay defeated. Before him knelt the dead body of Exacus, the Daemon Overlord. At his full height he would have stood over 8 feet tall, a grand and intimidating sight. But now his head is bowed and his back hunched over. Four massive arms supported his dead weight. Each of them once held a powerful artifact of immense power. They lay scattered in front of him, discarded in death. Battle scars and fresh wounds can be seen all over his obsidian black skin. Beneath him his dark purple blood formed a pool. Two large leathery wings draped over his back, and two cracked horns adorned his head. Marcus then looked towards the killing blow, a large circular hole punched right through the Daemon’s once magnificent breastplate.

Marcus wiped the sweat off his brow and moved his brown hair out of his eyes. He knew his own magical armor wasn’t in much better shape. The silver-grey full plate was adorned with golden trim, but it no longer shined with a metallic luster. Splatters of blood both dry and new dirtied the ornate armor.

It was supposed to be a grand victory for the alliance of High Races. Yet Marcus could not wholeheartedly rejoice. The reason was his friend kneeling between him and the fallen Daemon. Archsage Ryonis was down on the ground, cradling the body of a young woman in his arms. Her long black hair spilled down her back, her ruby red eyes now closed forever. Her face looked almost peaceful, as if she were sleeping. Her black and red dress was soaked even darker by her crimson blood. She had a pair of ears that slanted upwards into a point. They were smaller but not unlike the ears of an elf. Aside from that feature she could have passed as normal beautiful young woman. But the curving horns on her head gave her away. The illusion magic that hid them long since dispelled.

“Everything we thought we knew about them was wrong.” Ryonis muttered in a dark tone.

The soldiers around them shifted uncomfortably with conflicted expressions.

“Ryonis, this wasn’t your fault. We did what we thought was necessary. We just didn’t know.” Marcus attempted to comfort his friend, but the Archsage’s rising anger would not be deflected.

“That’s right, we didn’t know! She was with for so long, laughing, crying, talking. Yet none of us suspected a thing. We just went on believing what we were told. That Daemons were bloodthirsty beasts. That they couldn’t be reasoned with. It was us or them, kill or be killed! But that wasn’t true. Daemons, High Races, we’re all sentient beings. Why… why did things turn out this way, how could we have been so blind?” Ryonis’s harsh reply was half condemnation, half self deprecation.

Marcus could guess at what his old friend was thinking. It was the weapons he created that ultimately turned the tide of the war. The Daemonic races were all gifted beyond compare. They had command of magical power that eclipsed the greatest human and elven mages. Those without magical might relied on their unmatched physical strength and size. Not even the beastmen had the power to hold back a mighty Daemon Monstrosity.

But what the High Races lacked in natural talent they made up for with ingenuity and creativity. Powerful weapons imbued with magical properties allowed even normal human soldiers to strike down a large, powerful foe. Arcane Devices that improved the efficiency of magic evened the playing field between Daemon Warlocks and Elven Mages. However, the most powerful weapons were the Arc Machina, semi-autonomous metal war golems crafted by his friend Ryonis.

Out of the four that were brought to fight the Overlord, two still stood besides him. Their bodies were comprised of an ornately designed suit of metal armor. Towering over 10 feet tall, they were far too large for any normal human to use conventionally.

Small interlocking plates guarded the joints that would be a lesser armor’s weak point. No imperfection was left in the construction process. Arc Machina were fearless in battle. Only the mightiest of physical blows could scratch the magic imbued plate mail. They were also magic resistant to a certain extent. After all a solider of living metal need not worry about the heat of fire, or the stunning blows of conjured lighting. The elegant yet terrible tools of destruction stood dormant. No more enemies could be detected in the grand hall.

“But Master, didn’t she betray us in the end? She choose her father over us! If she was truly our friend why didn’t she speak up all this time?!” Feldan’s youthful voice broke into the conversion. He was a boy only 15 years old, one of Ryonis’s two apprentices.

“I don’t know… I suppose we’ll never know now.” Ryonis replied as he cast a side long glance at the boy.

A woman in pure white robes approached the scene.

“Ryo we must remember but past, but what’s done is done, now we must look towards the future.” Her voice calm and serene. She was the Church of Aura’s high priestess, Melita.

“Oh? So the priestess speaks up at last. Wasn’t it the Church of Aura that spread all of that wartime propaganda about the High Races and Daemons? Aren’t you also to blame for this.” Ryonis accused her with his words.

“That maybe be true, but I believe we did nothing wrong. The Daemons came out of the Gate and attacked us. We spread the truth as we knew it to rally the people against them.” Melita’s reply was soft and unheated. She was supported by belief in her righteousness.

“I hate to say it but she’s right. Ryonis, the remaining Daemon forces have been broken. Our armies are forcing them past the Gate as we speak. It is too late to change what has been done. We must look towards the future now. Together we can rebuild this nation into a better place for people of all races.” Marcus interjected. He intended to steer the conversation away from this topic. It did no good to needlessly assign blame.

“… For some of us it’s too late.” Ryonis replied as he stood, still holding the fallen Daemon girl in his arms.

Marcus tried once more to convince his friend.

“Even so, we will help the ones we can.”

“’We’ you say. Sorry but I’m out. I’m tired of all… all this” Ryonis gestured at the carnage around them. Dead bodies, man and daemon alike were scattered about. Scorch and craters marked the stone where magic was used. “I’ve had enough.”

“What are you saying master? You’re the Archsage. How can you just walk away?” Feldan’s incredulous tone was reflected in the expression on his face.

Marcus however, was not surprised. He knew that Ryonis never enjoyed fighting the war. The thrill of battle was never in him. He participated out of a sense of duty to his kingdom and friends. At heart, Ryonis was a craftsman, a man of creation not destruction.

“I’m not the Archsage anymore.” Ryonis’s black cloak came undone as he said this, the magical bonds holding it set loose. As it fell to the ground Marcus watched the golden sigil embroidered on the back fold into itself. Ryonis had discarded the symbol of his office. The action spoke for itself. He was resigning. “I’ve done my part. Politicking, rebuilding, organizing, that’s your game Marcus. You don’t need me for that. You’ll have to find a new Archsage. Though I wouldn’t worry too much. There are plenty of talented mages out there.” He shot a glance at his apprentice as he said this.

“I see. If you’ve made up your mind I won’t stop you. You’ve earned your respite. I’d like to ask though, where will you go? Do you have any plans?” said Marcus curiosly. He was friends with Ryonis long enough to know how much the mage disliked responsibility. He truly wasn’t suited for statecraft. While Marucs would have liked to have a reliable friend at his side, he would respect his wishes.

“Who knows? I’ll be around I suppose. Maybe I’ll become a hermit and seek enlightenment! I can rest easy knowing the Kingdom is in good hands.” Ryonis said. He shot Marcus a wry smile.

“Wait master, what about me?” Feldan spoke up in alarm. Realization about what was happening finally sinking in.

“Don’t worry kid, you’ve become a fine mage. We did just defeat the Overlord after all. There’s not much more I can teach you. Heh look after Saya though, that girl always tends to be a bit reckless.”

“Master…” The boy mage still looked hesitant. But upon hearing the name of his fellow apprentice his expression changed to one of determination.

“Well I guess this is farewell.” Ryonis took once last glance at the people assembled here, before nodding to Marucs and turning away.

“Farewell old friend. I won’t let you down.”

Ryonis’s only reply respectful nod. With that he strode forward with the daemon girl in his arms and disappeared in a flash of blue light.

Marcus turned his head towards the shattered windows. He could see the first streams of sunlight heralding the arrival of a new dawn.

Today is the beginning of a new era. One of peace and prosperity.

Random Off Load Site for Creative Energy, Launching!

Full Power! Special Beamu Cannon Cannon charged and ready to fire! (And with ZERO followers! Spirit Bomb it ain’t). Hajimari tashikani kokodatano da, which means “Certainly everything started there.” I feel the intense fire but I don’t know where to start! Well I do actually, I’m already 1/3rds or so into my first “real” post. But I had a good idea I felt like throwing out NOW.

I’m a big believer in gimmicks. They can be great things. Reader interaction is something great too, so I thought up a game that ties in with my goal 1. My streamofconsciousness writing style is chocked FULL of references to various fictions or memes or internet stuff I saw or whatever. I challenge anyone reading to ID them, gotta catch’em all! (There’s a freebie right now.) In this post alone the entire first line is one big damn reference. However hidden among the lines of this historical starting post are two song references with what I think are MAX PAIN difficulty. So much so that I’m giving a hint: They can be found on some obscure Youtube Video, but not easily. You’d need some seriously nerdish knowledge to get them, but be proud and flaunt that nerd knowledge for all to see!

Anyway the victory conditions are thus: Post what you think is the line in a hyperlink that leads to the Youtube song in question. Does that sound too complicated? Eh I’ll give an example just because I’m such a nice guy. Lets see, right now I feel like I want to be, the very best, the like no one ever was!

The person who catches this obvious reference would then put into their post: “I want to be, the very best, like no one ever was!”

Easy right?

Between you and me, I didn’t really know how to do it until I watched like a minute of this Youtube video haha. So I suspect this tutorial will be quiet helpful after all.

Now for the PRIZES! After all humans don’t do anything without incentives right? The incentives I’m providing for the lucky winners of this game are the following: “FAME!” (Err not much as this site is literally brand new, but think of the future!), “FORTUNE!” (Divided out in imaginary feel good Kryto bucks™), and last but not least, “PRIDE!” (Your nerd pride is like you lyfe right?! This is the best reward!). What, all of the above is imaginary? You want something REAL and tangible? Well tough, you can real-boot your imaginary Kryto bucks™ into real cold hard cash if you just tried! Making the impossible possible. If your imagination is not as good as mine x.x lol I mean, since I understand not everyone can do such things I might consider making a personalized MS Paint Masterpiece of a BoNuS Cookie for people who win this game, subject to various arbitrary conditions I reserve the right to spring on any winning reader at any time.

What are you waiting for, get searching!

Anyway the “real” first post will come soon. This is just a fun thing to tide reader who sees this over while the wait is on.