AAA 1 Love Power and Chaos;Head

This is an Anime and Anisong post. To find out what that’s all about look here:

PART 1 Anisong

The Song: Love Power

The Artist: Miyazaki Ui

Length: 3:39

Verdict: It’s a bit TOO happy and high pitched for even my tastes. Still it has it’s positives. Overall an OK song that appeals to a certain audience. The happy go lucky lyrics do hide a great message though.

Ramblings: Ok so here’s the first random song I came across when I pressed shuffle/next. This song doesn’t sound the greatest imo, but it does have an interesting message that’s relevant to the original medium. It’s a “character image song”. Character image songs are sung by the voice actor of anime characters. Ideally they are all about that character and convey some message about them. What’s interesting about this particular song is that it shows the character’s true hidden feelings. Well to understand that first I’ll need to give some back story about the character.

The character in question is named Nishijou Nanami. She’s an average energetic fun loving high school girl.

However she has this problematic brother named Nishijou Takumi. Takumi is a total hikkikomori (A recluse who says holed up in his room all day, ignoring the outside world). He’s in a pretty bad state. Basically he hates the outside world and other people so much he moved out of the house into this 1 room container. Yes, literally a cargo container converted into a room. He skips school, neglects his health, and just plays games ALL day. He’s the polar opposite of his younger sister, Nanami.

Taku is so lazy and obsessed with his games that he doesn’t even bother to get his own dinner. Everyday in the evening Nanami has to come banging on his door, screaming at him to open up. Her opening line is something like “Brother, are you still alive in there?” Every morning she wakes him up and tries to get him to come to school too. She wants him to get out into the world more.

Predictably Takumi treats these visits with annoyance at best, and out right hostility at worst. In the mornings it’s “How dare this annoying girl try and mess up my life?”. In the evening it’s “Alright thanks for the food, now leave.” If she tries to reach out to him they sometimes get into fights.

Why does Nanami put up with this annoying ungrateful brother? He clearly wants nothing to do with her. The answer is revealed in the first line of the song “Love power is my secret”. Despite everything and anything, Nanami really loves her brother. In the past they were close, and she remembers that time fondly. She makes the trip out to his remote container home everyday because she wants what’s best for him. Her “Brother, are you still alive in there?” is said in a sarcastic joking tone. In reality she knows how negligent Takumi is, and somewhere in her mind she’s worried he might actually be dead if she doesn’t check on him everyday.

There’s also a bit of irony in the happy tone of the song. The VN and Anime itself has a rather dark and disturbing tone, so the contrasting nature of the high pitched singing further plays into the whole “hidden feelings” aspect.

And that’s why this song is on my playlist despite not being the best listen! The message and story behind it moved me.

Here’s a Youtube link to the song:

PART 2 Anime

The Anime: Chaos;Head

The Studio: Madhouse

Length: 12 episodes

Verdict: It leaves MUCH to be desired. Bad animation and bad pacing are only the tip of the ice burg. This anime adaptation does NOT do it’s source material justice. I do not recommend it.

Ramblings: Ahh Chaos;Head. This is one of many anime that demonstrate the idea that a good source material does NOT equal a good adaptation. Above I typed out a bit of the story and character dynamics between the Nishijou siblings. Well all of that was gleamed from my experience with the Visual Novel, not the anime.

I read the VN first, so when an anime was announced I was pretty excited. All ready to love the anime, I dove into the first episode. The animation was Meh, but the basic plot was the same so I stuck with it. Not a great idea. It quickly became apparent to me that the anime captures none of what makes the VN so good. I ended up dropping it halfway. I did watch the ending just to see how poorly it was done though. My expectations were met.

I’ll just put in the primary reason why the anime failed. It was their portrayal of the main character. Takumi is a pretty trashy  guy. This is especially so when looking at him from a 3rd person point of view. However the novel is in first person. This gives you insight into all of his motivations, thoughts, true feelings, etc. That insight is crucial for building a kind of rapport with Takumi. In the Chaos;Head novel I thought I really “got” Takumi. I sympathized with his plight and problems. I was able to see that his unsavory actions were justified (In his own mind at least). I was rooting for him in the end.

None of that comes through in the anime. Not well at least.

Anyway despite the anime being bad, the Visual Novel is a great read. I’ll probably post a review of it some other time if there’s enough interest. I usually treat the Chaos;Head franchise like this: there is no Chaos;Head anime. Go read the VN!


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