Random Off Load Site for Creative Energy, Launching!

Full Power! Special Beamu Cannon Cannon charged and ready to fire! (And with ZERO followers! Spirit Bomb it ain’t). Hajimari tashikani kokodatano da, which means “Certainly everything started there.” I feel the intense fire but I don’t know where to start! Well I do actually, I’m already 1/3rds or so into my first “real” post. But I had a good idea I felt like throwing out NOW.

I’m a big believer in gimmicks. They can be great things. Reader interaction is something great too, so I thought up a game that ties in with my goal 1. My streamofconsciousness writing style is chocked FULL of references to various fictions or memes or internet stuff I saw or whatever. I challenge anyone reading to ID them, gotta catch’em all! (There’s a freebie right now.) In this post alone the entire first line is one big damn reference. However hidden among the lines of this historical starting post are two song references with what I think are MAX PAIN difficulty. So much so that I’m giving a hint: They can be found on some obscure Youtube Video, but not easily. You’d need some seriously nerdish knowledge to get them, but be proud and flaunt that nerd knowledge for all to see!

Anyway the victory conditions are thus: Post what you think is the line in a hyperlink that leads to the Youtube song in question. Does that sound too complicated? Eh I’ll give an example just because I’m such a nice guy. Lets see, right now I feel like I want to be, the very best, the like no one ever was!

The person who catches this obvious reference would then put into their post: “I want to be, the very best, like no one ever was!”

Easy right?

Between you and me, I didn’t really know how to do it until I watched like a minute of this Youtube video haha. So I suspect this tutorial will be quiet helpful after all.

Now for the PRIZES! After all humans don’t do anything without incentives right? The incentives I’m providing for the lucky winners of this game are the following: “FAME!” (Err not much as this site is literally brand new, but think of the future!), “FORTUNE!” (Divided out in imaginary feel good Kryto bucks™), and last but not least, “PRIDE!” (Your nerd pride is like you lyfe right?! This is the best reward!). What, all of the above is imaginary? You want something REAL and tangible? Well tough, you can real-boot your imaginary Kryto bucks™ into real cold hard cash if you just tried! Making the impossible possible. If your imagination is not as good as mine x.x lol I mean, since I understand not everyone can do such things I might consider making a personalized MS Paint Masterpiece of a BoNuS Cookie for people who win this game, subject to various arbitrary conditions I reserve the right to spring on any winning reader at any time.

What are you waiting for, get searching!

Anyway the “real” first post will come soon. This is just a fun thing to tide reader who sees this over while the wait is on.


26 thoughts on “Random Off Load Site for Creative Energy, Launching!

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  2. kreyto Post author

    Alright someone recommended me to do a tl;dr for this.
    tl;dr: Look at the mess above, try to find references to stuff. There are two in particular.


    1. kreyto Post author

      No worries! I’m 100% sure you’re good at other stuff. If your post was a sarcastic remark then whoops I interpreted it positively. I took a glance at your blog and the post is like the same as mine! A kindred soul lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. canaria23

        no,no,no I wasn’t being sarcastic haha I’m proud of my memory about useless stuff, and my friends always tell me that I know everything but, I don’t know everything… I only know what I know ahah… haah. expectations and more expectations.

        Well I’m proud to say that I’m the at being lazy (lol).


  3. kreyto Post author

    BLARGH I’ve said something like this before, but I think I might have VASTLY overestimated the nerdyness levels of the interwebs (Or at least the two internet hangout sites I initially tried to pawn this idea off to.). A grave miscalculation. Or waiting with bated breath over some gimmick I randomly thought up isn’t the smartest thing hahaha. Taking some advice into mind I’ve made a better TUTORIAL:

    First you need to know what a “gimmick” is. See: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gimmick

    In essence, this post of mine is a word game of sorts. And that word game is a “gimmick” I designed in order to attract attention to my new WordPress Blog.

    Now for the GAME: “The explanation for the game starts on the second paragraph. The top paragraph is more or less gibberish on purpose.

    Anyway look at the phrase “gotta catch’em all!”. It’s from Pokemon right? I’ll feel really stupid if no one knows that line from Pokemon haha.

    Anyway if that phrase “gotta catch’em all!” was a part of the game, a reader would put in their reply: “gotta catch’em all!” is from Pokemon!

    I’ll get to the more advance stuff later. Hopefully this tutorial helped! If not I’ll close shop and try again with something else later.” That’s the game in 4 easy paragraphs.

    X.x seriously with the first 3 comments on my blog being of myself on my own blog, I think I’ll start to look like some lonely guy talking to imaginary friends! I think I’ll stop for now and sleep on it. Tomorrow is another day. If this doesn’t work I’ll be posting something else later.


    1. kreyto Post author

      Wow that’s something! My post was LOADED with references, but mostly referring to Anime/Manga and other nerd stuff with a nerd level of over 9000.

      I took a look at that Youtube video and honestly I think it’s a great solo! I don’t normally listen to stuff like that so you’ve shared something new. That aligns perfectly with the “goals” I posted in my about page.

      Well I think I might have been inspired to make a special internet cookie of some sorts for this kind of thing. “The Hidden Reference” award.

      … Or I could have thought of this possibility already. Everything could be going all according to plan. I’ll leave it up to anyone reading to decide lol. I’d be nice to be thought of as smarter than I am.


      1. kreyto Post author

        There we go! Finally the fish takes the bait! You’ve got the idea behind this word game down I think. I love it when a plan comes together!… Is what I’d really like to say. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m on the fence about allowing my reply comments to count for this minigame haha. The reason being is: That’s how I naturally type stuff. So I’m afraid that if I give a point for a Reference in a response, someone else might catch the references in that response. So on and so forth ad infinitum (It keeps on repeating). This “gimmick” word game would then cease to become a gimmick and become the main attraction of the site. Eh I’ll think about it later when that becomes relevant. For now I’m just happy someone out there gets it. I’ve also got one more thing so wait a minute.


    1. kreyto Post author

      That’s correct! Though that reference was an easy one haha. You can go even deeper probably. Anyway for you libraryrocker, +1 Kryto buck(s)™ You can do whatever you can imagine with it lol.


      1. AsianOtakuGuy

        Ah, this is just an anon, I usually use. I change my name for laugh like that sometimes though^
        | | |
        V V V


  4. AsianOtakuGuy

    Now that I got that out of the way…
    Special Beamu Cannon: DBZ, Piccolo’s move
    Spirit Bomb: DBZ, Goku’s move
    gotta catch’em all: Pokemon. Duh
    imagination: http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/60141268.jpg Cuz can
    I feel the intense fire=>Moete kitazo, you call yourself a nerd and not use this ref (I feel like it’s a ref but too lazy to look it up lol)
    P.S. http://i426.photobucket.com/albums/pp349/enzymeF/Setup/GIFs/its-over-9000.gif
    P.S.S. That alines perfectly with the “goals” I posted in my about page. => aligns


    1. kreyto Post author

      1. Correct! (But late)
      2. Same as above
      3. Correct! (But it doesn’t count haha)
      4. Hmm I guess that is a thing, but I didn’t think of it. I have to be a bit picky about what counts or else everything could count. The power of google and such is just that vast. I’m sure someone could paste random lines into it or other search engines and come up with something. I can’t say this is eligible for the hidden reference thing either. Nice attempt though.
      5. Haha I actually DID put that line into Youtube and found this pretty nice Fairy Tale AMV. The animation on FT’s anime is better than I thought. I originally dropped it after the 1st episode because of time issues and I was following the manga already. I might check it out though. You might be able to go deeper with that line.
      6. More or less exactly what I was going for. +1 Kryto Buck(s)™
      7. Thanks for the grammar correction! I’ll edit now.



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