Status Report 1

Status: Feeling nauseous x.x

Welp here’s a Facebook like update. I think I ate something weird yesterday. There was that cheap Sushi…. maybe things have to be cooked after all.

And onto something writing relevant: To be honest for the past few days I’ve been feeling a bit off. Super extremely hyper. My heart rate was accelerated for the whole day and I’ve had some restless nights. It was in this state of “mania” that the content in this site was conceived haha. It took a convo with a good friend of mine to realize my condition and how it effected my writing.

Now that I’ve gotten a good night’s rest and calmed down a bit, I decided to step back and review the stuff I’ve written before posting it in a haste. I have like 5000 words of content that made PERFECT sense while I was in hyper mode, but now seems a bit too…. well hyper.

Also while digging through my documents I’ve found the prologue for an old story I wrote a few months back. I shelved it because I thought it wasn’t good enough, but I thought I might throw it out here and see what you guys think.

Here’s the concept: It starts at the end of a war between humanity and allied races, versus demons. The main character is a powerful mage that’s in the heroes’ party. It was the magical weapons and enhancements he developed that turned the tide of the war. On the brink of victory he and others realize something is wrong. The demons were not as they seemed. Devastated and disillusioned the Mage/Arcanist disappears from the world and becomes a recluse.

Note that it’s a rough draft and probably contains numerous errors. All of the concepts are not fleshed out correctly. It IS something I shelved after all. Still I would very much like constructive criticism on how to improve my writing.

The story itself was inspired in part by the Manga/LN Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. What if instead of hearing the Demon Lord out, the hero (Or heroes) in this case outright killed her (him in my story)? Something along the lines of that.


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