Greetings internet wanderer! Some how or another it seems like you’ve stumbled upon this one’s WordPress blog. Now you’re probably wondering what this blog is all about. Well if that’s the case you’ve come to the right place! It IS the “about” page after all.

I’m just a normal guy writing for fun. I plan to put a lot of different stuff here. Things like recommendations, self written fiction, and others.


The Long Story:

First a little bit about me. Some background info. I’m just a humble random guy who recently had a great time and has undergone a Creative Explosion, or a Creative Big Bang. I’ll go with that it sounds more sciencey. Now I just want to share my thoughts and ideas with the world in a super easy non-gated way: WordPress!

WHAT YOU SAY !!? What makes me think my random thoughts on stuff is worth reading about? Haha, if you had that though I’ll reply with: That’s up to YOU the reader! As of this point I have no zilch nada experience with professional writing or publishing. But that’s the beauty of a medium like WordPress. You don’t need no stinkin’ qualifications. Although I DO have thousands of hours of various entertainment mediums stored up, and about 23 years of life experience. Hey slice of life is a genre too so I decided to just take the plunge and write away right away.

Now for what I’ve got planned. Here are some goals I’ve decided upon for this blog:

– Spread my passions around to more and more people. It would be great if other random people could come to love the things I love. Things like anime, manga, music, audio-books, life experiences, games, novels, people, even intellectual stuff. Do some of those things sound nerdy to you? Well tough, I’m a nerd and proud of it!

– Have FUN writing. As I’m writing this I’m having an absolute blast. Everyone should have some hobbies they enjoy, you know?

Gets 100 visits! Easy you say? Too humble maybe? Well I say start small and then gradually build up bigger! That’s one of those little things I’ve learned with my life’s experience.
Damn, that was FAST. Goal accomplished! And in less than one day of airing. I know it wasn’t particularly due to my efforts though. The internet is just a fast and furious place. I’ll go with 10x now, 1,000 individual visits. This should account for the massive globalization the internet causes.

-….. maaaybe just maybe rake in a little cash on the side? <.< >.> What?! It’s not too greedy of an idea right? It’s human nature! Tons of people out there are living DA DREAM by supporting themselves doing something they love! But this is just a lol thing for the future. That’s what goals are for. To achieve this goal I’ll be using some very safe an approved, tried and true methods. Google adsense and Paypal Donations. I’ll get to that later when I remember it though. Gotta push some content first before getting ahead of myself!

-Last but certainly not least, to brighten the day of the reader. That’s you, yes YOU! If the stuff you read on this website brightens your day just a tiny little bit, well, that’s just grand.


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